Nicolai Victor

Martoni Moura e Silva

Victor Nicolai is Veterinary Doctor witch spend 2 years in Portugal in management ofagroalimentary business, and 10 years in CIS republics (Russia inclusivly) where was involved inbuilding of high health multiplication units of swines with genetic material arrived mainly from EUand USA.
During last 15 years was published over 20 papers in different countrys (10 in Russia) aboutbeekeeping and swine business/patogens. Wa visited over 30 exibition, inclusivly on 5 (on swinepatogenes) was a speaker.
Is member of Russian National Swine Veterinary Union- group of tehnical consulting vets, andmember of Veterinary Colege of Romania.
Actually President of Ecologicaly certified Agricole cooperative Bioprisaka www.bioprisaka.roFondator of New Agroalimentary Cluster of Ecologically Certified Producers (for export outside ofEU) Bionest
Actually Own and develop Veterinary Cabinet and Farmacy in Romania