Infectious Diseases are harmful for everyone it enter through the viruses in the body when it comes we don’t know which is more dangerous to the health. It caused by microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi the diseases can be spread, directly or indirectly from one person to another. They are normally harmless or even helpful, but under certain conditions, some may cause disease.

Humans can also become infected following exposure to an infected animal that harbors a pathogenic organism that is capable of infecting humans.

Lower respiratory and diarrheal diseases are caused by a variety of infectious agents.

According to the time research, cases, study innovations, development, techniques has been changed. In every 5 year graph has been up and down . If we talk about the global market for infectious diseases treatment in 2009 was valued at $90.4 billion i.e. this market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8% to reach $138 billion in 2014.

If we talk about the global IVD infectious diseases market size in 2018 was valued at USD 18.8 billion which is likely to exhibit a CAGR of 6.7% from 2018 to 2026.

This report forecasts revenue growth at global, regional, and country levels and provides an analysis of industry trends in each of the sub-segments from 2018 to 2026.